children's wear Pants and Shorts

Grow With Me Harem Pants by Sew4Bub

These cute baby pants were among the first free patterns I tried and it was instant love. We got a lot of use out of these pants, since they lasted so long. They started out as quite baggy and in the end they were more like leggings.

On the picture to the left my son is one week old. He was a big baby, 4,5 kg at birth. To the right he was 15 weeks old. I can’t remember his size by then, but you get the picture. They really are grow with me pants. It’s those tall cuffs again, can’t beat them for making kids’ clothes that last longer.

I also made another pair, but forgot to add seam allowance to them, so they didn’t last as long. Here they are.

You can find the pattern here.

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