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Wrap Me Up by So Sew Me

This pattern was one of the first free patterns I ever tried. I started sewing a lot when I was pregnant so all I wanted to do was to sew tiny baby clothes. I’ve made a few by now and they are great gifts for newborn babies.

This particular bodysuit was made to be a gift for a boy that was born back in August, but he was a big baby and it took almost a month before I had the opportunity to meet him, so the body was already too small. Instead it’s been lying in a drawer waiting for a smaller baby to be born.

The pattern is called Wrap Me Up and is designed by Swedish pattern designer So Sew Me and is free in sizes 44, 50 and 56. The pattern is available for sale in sizes up to 110.

European sizes refer to the kid’s length in centimetres so the free sizes would fit babies that are 17,3″, 19,7″ and 22″ tall.

You can find the pattern here.

Below are some photos of other Wrap Me Ups I’ve made. The pants in the middle picture is also a free pattern. Hold out and I will share that too eventually.