children's wear Rompers

Tiger Strampler by Tigerlilly

This was the very first thing I made when I started sewing “for real” in January of 2018. I was pregnant and felt a sudden urge to make things for my unborn baby. Being the stingy person I am I started googling “free sewing pattern baby” or something like that and found the super cute Tiger Strampler.

It was an easy and fun sew – great for beginners and the start of my sewing obsession.

At the time the pattern was available on Tigerlilly’s website, but when I revisited the link for this blog post it read that the Tiger Strampler pattern has been updated and moved to the Tigerlilly Facebook group. It lies there together with some other patterns that look like great basic sewing patterns for kids. I haven’t tried any of the other ones though.

The pattern runs from size 50-80 and the tutorial is written in German, but has great descriptive pictures, so it shouldn’t be an issue even if you don’t speak German. I don’t.

You can find information about the pattern here.

My baby is only about 1 week old here. So tiny 😭.