Lena Dress by WISJ

A friend wanted me to make a dress for her daugther who’s name is Lena. I searched the web for patterns and realised there was a free pattern called the Lena Dress. It felt like the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

I had actually checked the pattern out before, but forgotten about it, since I never sew dresses, unless they are for myself.

It turned out the Lena is a great pattern. A simple everyday dress, but with a fun detail – a crease at the centre of the back.

Should have thought of pattern matching here. I’ll do so on my next Lena if possible.

The tutorial is written in dutch and the automatic translation on the homepage is not very good. It suggested me “stabbing each other in the dress”, so here’s the main things you need to know before starting sewing the dress.

You need to add seam allowance, except for the neck. For the hem add 2,5 centimetres. To make the crease on the back – put the pattern piece 6 cm from the fold. Apart from this the weird translation and super clear pictures should help you get through the sew.

You can find the pattern here.

2 replies on “Lena Dress by WISJ”

Kan du förklara på svenska vad man ska göra med vecket på ryggen? Har oxå tittat på mönstret men inte vågat, är det strechtyg eller vävt……


Det är för trikåtyg. Hon rekommenderar bomullstrikå eller college. Du lägger mönsterbiten 6 cm från den vikta kanten och klipper ut. Sen gör du tre markeringar. En på vecket, och en på vardera sidan om tyget där mönsterbiten börjar. Sen viker du tyget så att alla markeringar möts. Exakt hur du ska vika finns det en tydlig bild på i tutorialen. Hoppas det här gjorde det tydligare!


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